Friday, October 28, 2011

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It has been busy busy busy around here. Jake's working all the time now, they had a lay off and he survived(thank goodness) but that means we see less of him...but I would rather see him less than see him everyday, while we live at my mama's!!!! I am happy staying right here at home, where I am spoiled to mama duty which is incredibly taxing, exhausting, wonderful, emotional in so many ways, and I wouldn't change it for anything. I get a nap almost everyday with my favorite little guy! Yes I still take naps with them and I don't want to stop! Mackenzie is in Kindergarten and loves it! She is doing so great. Spelling all the time, trying to read more and more, and trying out math! She says things to me about words, like this is a compound word, and I have to literally think what in the world is a compound word!!! Okay so then I think that maybe I do need to go back into the Real way! Tripp is finally adjusting to preschool and loves it most days. He is still a mama's boy! He loves TV....I will find him in his room all snuggled under his covers watching TV. He also is all boy and is rough and loves motorcycles, trucks, 4 wheelers, any sport! He is learning to recognize his letters and his name. He tries to right it. He is getting better at working on the computer which I think has helped his confidence alot more. Tucker is just precious still. He is generally happy all the time. Loves everyone and will talk to anybody(got that from me). He loves to put a laundry basket upside down and stand on it and talk his language! He climbs on everything and anything. It's really scary sometimes. He smiles everytime you look at him which just melts my heart. He is learning and growing so fast, I just want it to slow down.


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